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Our Funny Valentine: Scoop's in on 402 Sanchez

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Yesterday's ode to 402 Sanchez Street inspired both love and disdain— some just don't go for Candyland, even on Valentine's Day. A little Valentine dropped in our inbox today; seems that there's more to 402 Sanchez than a few too many pieces of "flair." Says our source:

He bought it just over 1 year ago for $1,200,000 and remodeled the kitchen and bath (in a rather unique style that just doesn’t appeal to the masses) and has decided that a year later, it’s worth $1,350,000. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place at $1,200,000 or maybe even $1,250,000. But in my opinion, he overpaid for it in October of 2006 and is just trying to recover his investment, regardless of what the place is really worth. One other thing to note – the listing actually expired on 1/31/08 (or per the MLS was withdrawn). Rumor has it that it might go up for rent – at least the seller was pondering that option.

The seller refused to stage it too – and instead left all of his extremely nice and expensive, but extremely over sized furniture, in the house which made the place look almost dwarf-like. It’s too bad. It’s a fun place – but not at the price he wants for it.