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Tenderloin: The Postman (Still) Cometh

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Back in December, we first heard stirrings from the explosive members of TNT, (The New Tenderloin), who were hoping to deter crime in their nabe with a full-service post office at the corner of Golden Gate and Hyde Streets. Holding a rally is well and good, but now the detonator has been set and Tenderloin residents want a commitment. They've asked everyone's favorite supe, Chris Daly, to approve a resolution demanding the expansion of the existing minimum-service postal facility. Supporters say that the post office is a perfect shelter for drug dealers, but a full-service, redesigned facility would increase foot traffic in the area and deter illicit activities, while a Postal Service representative argues that the USPS "isn't in the business of fighting crime" (it's "mailman," not "Mail Man"). A hearing will be held later today to discuss the matter.
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[image courtesy Beyond Chron]