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Seawall Lot 337: Giants Proposal Revealed

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At least three teams are expected to submit proposals today for the redevelopment of Seawall Lot 337, the 16-acre plot near Giants Stadium currently used as parking (and darling of this past year's Curbed SWL 337 Planning Challenge). The Giants have made the strongest push for the plot, drawing up a hott marketing campaign which it leaked early to the Chron. Their preliminary plan, pictured above, included 875 homes in a 300-foot high rise, 8,000 square feet of office and parking space, a 5,000-seat music hall, and an entertainment district featuring bowling, nightclubs, and such. Public parks and a restored pier are also included in the plan, which rings in at over $1 billion.

At least two other developers— Boston Properties, let by Treasure Island developer Darius Anderson, and Build Inc./ Urban Green Development— are entering plans. Anderson, whose Kenwood Investments firm owns Pier 39, allows for 1,700 housing of office units, and includes gallery space. Build/ Urban Green— who aren't afraid of the Giants, by the way, as they'll have you know— has proposed a "green technology business incubator," whatever that is, offices, and 1,600 homes. Artist studios, and exhibition center (a.k.a. gallery) and requisite wholesale market/ parks are also on tap. Let the games begin.
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[Image by Chris Foyd, courtesy of the San Francisco Giants]