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Forclosing Owners Can't Cope With Pets, Either

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Let's see ... it's Thursday morning, let's find another social ill to blame on the mortgage crisis, shall we? And why not conjure up a speculative news item while we're at it? CBS 5 launched a special Valentine's day expose— designed to pull heart strings, surly— on the effects of home foreclosures on pet abandonments in Northern California. It's becoming more common, apparently, for heartless home owners (or rather, losers) to simply leave their pets behind for agents and the like to deal with. News flash: this isn't Hurricane Katrina, folks. Not being able to manage a ballooning mortgage is understandable, given the circumstances. But kicking Lassie to the curb on your way out? No reports yet from adoption agencies, but after this one, we are indeed fearful.
· Mortgage Crisis Leading To More Pets At Shelters? [CBS 5]