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Curbed SF Price Choppers!: 682 & 684 15th Avenue

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Do we smell a foreclosure? Or, maybe just a quick (and desperate) flip? 682 & 685 15th Avenue, in the Inner Richmond, are two TIC units: 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths each. All remodeled— sunroom, kitchen, laundry, built-in dining room cabinetry (neat!) and a fireplace. Shared yard, storage, garage. We see a lot of design potential here for those unafraid to step outside of the white cube. Now, on to the prices— this is where it gets interesting. No. 684 is up for $824,000. Fine (though we should note that square footage figures are not listed). No. 282, however, proves a bit more curious: This kitten's up for $874,500 now, but sold a mere five or so months ago (Ed. note: In September actually, as per Redfin) for $1,325,000. Huge diff. A $450,500 depreciation in value over a single quarter (and change)? No way.
· 684 15th Avenue [MLS]
· 682 15th Avenue [MLS]