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Hustle! The Hayes, Arterra Deliver Stimulus Shill

Bush signed a stimulus package signed into law? Just 24 hours ago? On it. Striking while the iron is hot, as it were, The Hayes and Arterra are capitalizing on the country's newfound (false) sense of economic stability. Both developments issued new financing packages today, marketed around the conforming loan limit increase. For a limited time, Arterra is offering qualified buyers 4.125% 5-year fixed-rate financing, which is actually a re-branding of the exact same package promoted last month in anticipation of the Fed's economic maneuver. For a similarly limited time (through February 29th) The Hayes boasts special "pre grand-opening" financing that promises to save 4 months' worth of principal/interest payments and lay a full point buydown on interest rates. No numbers listed on this shill, but The Hayes and Arterra do roll together, so expect similar if not the same.
· The Hayes [website]
· Arterra [website]

The Hayes

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