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Curbed National: Maki, MIRA Revealed

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We do have sites in LA and NYC, you know— Curbed National travels to lands far away, taking a very visual look at architecture and design developments along the way.

1) Big reveal in NY today; the plans are out for Japanese starchitect Fumihiko Maki's design for the so-called "jewel box" office building at 51 Astor Place. The 4,400 square foot exercise in black granite-and-glass will replace Cooper Union's (ass-ugly) engineering building (not to be confused with it's lovely, old Foundation Building). [Curbed]

2) There's a new luxury condo development on Atlantic Boulevard in Monterey Park, and it's called MIRA. Says the developer: "I decided to rename it MIRA, in Spanish is 'Look,' in Latin is a word for 'Wonderful' and in Chinese, it sounds like 'American-Chinese.' It is also the name of a binary star in the constellation Cetus." Deep.

3) Back at Curbed H.Q., a rejected proposal reveals a plan to integrate retail and condos with the Brooklyn House of Detention. In reality though, the city has instead plans to integrate only retail into the design. Makes us feel better. You?