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Public Space From Public Architecture

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San Francisco's Public Architecture is one step closer to the construction of a permanent "Sidewalk Plaza" in front of Brainwash cafe and laundromat on Folsom Street. Champions of public space, the nonprofit architecture/urban design firm was recently awarded a grant from the Studio for Urban Projects, a research firm specializing in public art and the urban landscape. The Brainwash Sidewalk Plaza is a small part of Public Architecture's Open Space Plan — a vision for a more pedestrian-friendly Folsom Street. Their plan, a relatively Utopian scheme compared to the current state of Folsom, is undeniably ambitious in scope, yet has found support from the San Francisco Planning Department, Redevelopment Agency, and Transportation Authority. We'd love to see the whole thing realized, but with that many city agencies interested, it's amazing that even a small part of this plan will soon begin construction. Working in conjunction with CMB Landscape Architecture, Public Architecture is hoping to finish the plaza by the end of the year. Standing by . . .
· Sidewalk Plaza [Public Architecture website]

[Images via Public Architecture]