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Outrage! Newsom's Fund Shuffle Stings Dolores Park

Hello, prop A? Did we not just vote you in? The city has gone back on an earlier promise of funding for a new playground in Dolores Park, and citizen group Friends of Dolores Park Playground are not having it. Last August, the city allocated $250,000 toward the planning and design of the new kiddie corner; the funding was set to cover the cost that would be incurred by the Recreation & Parks Department during the undertaking. Nabe residents have been left to hustle the additional monies— an estimated $2 million-plus— from private funding. The beef? The city has announced that it will rescind $200,00 of the initial funding, thus leaving locals left with a lame sell— the Friends fear that private donors will follow suit. They're asking that concerned parties to get their San Francisco on, first visualizing a group of dejected kids and small dogs before following up with a suitably indignant letter to The Gavin.
· Friends of Dolores Park Playground [website]

[Gavin "NIMBY" Newsom courtesy San Francisco Party Party]