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Welcome to the Dollhouse: 127 Broad Street

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127 Broad Street first caught our eye not for its obvious growth hormone deficiency, but because the agent illustrated the place with eight nearly identical, camera phone-generated snaps of the exterior. Not until we expanded the photo did an obvious Napoleon complex begin to emerge: at $474,995 for 2 bedrooms and 1 bath crammed into 783 square feet ($607 per), 127 Broad is listed as a "great investment opportunity" for the first-time sucker buyer. However, the listing hints at a few possible problems with tiny tot: First off, the plea to "please hurry" doesn't inspire a hell of a lot of confidence. As for the "zoned RH2" and "possible 1301 exchange" our imaginations are running wild. Can we blow it up? Convert it into a B & B for children? Agents, help a sister out here.
· 127 Broad Street [MLS]

UPDATE— An agent comrade of ours just dropped us the deets: It appears as though (read: this is unconfirmed) section 8 tenants are currently renting the place, which the owner is trying to sell. And we know how tenant eviction goes in this town ... As for the zoning, the lot is zoned for 2 residential units. Demo's a bitch here, too, but if you've got friends in the right places ...