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Supes Slow Development In the Name of Progress

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Yesterday, the SF Board of Supervisors' Land Use and Economic Development Committee considered proposals from San Francisco's crusading supes. The Market-Octavia Plan, a zoning change under review for 6 years before it was approved by the Planning Commission, was just recently brought into question by Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. He wants to change the plan to add additional affordable housing and take away parking. Did we mention that professional planners had reviewed the plan for six years? Gabriel Metcalf, executive director of urban brain trust SPUR, thinks that this kind of municipal wheel spinning undermines the entire planning process, and we tend to agree. Wannabe Robert Morrises Moseses: stop wasting our time and money.

The land use committee also considered Chris Daly's proposal to increase the number of planned affordable housing units on Treasure Island from 30% — a number Daly himself approved just two months ago — to 50%. As if the copper pirates weren't enough of a problem for developers on Treasure Island, they now have the conflicting opinion of a mercurial supervisor to contend with. Between the NIMBY's complaining and the Supes flexing, it's amazing that anything ever gets built in San Francisco. The board tabled Daly's plan for further review and additional time wasting at a future meeting.
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