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Chronicle Discovers Zillow, Ad Nauseum

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Big birthday party applause for the Chronicle! Carolyn Said is (way) late to the Zillow party, but no mind— she still managed to fill 1000-plus words' worth of column space on the well-loved RE resource. Allow us to break it down for you in 100 words or less (73 including numbers, to be precise): 1) Zillow is a search tool used to track various aspects of the housing market. 2) Zillow has released its latest report on the Bay Area. It is a map.3) Zillow maps are pretty. 4) there is good news, and bad news. 5) Some areas are worse than others; overall sales are down. 6) Homeowners and buyers search for "zestimates" compulsively. 7) Sometimes the estimates aren't super accurate. In short, obvious: stated. [SF Gate]