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Rock Like Radiohead: Soundworks Residences

You can now lay your head where the likes of Radiohead and the Cocteau Twins once unwound between studio sessions. Yes, penthouse units are available at the Soundworks Residences starting at $1,340,000. (The entire building, including music studio is for sale, actually.) Billed as a "High-end Living Experience with Urban Edge," (must be a proper name), The Soundworks Building at 542 Natoma offers a track-list of luxury amenities. Rarely do we come across such a well-described property, so we'll defer to the poetics of the listing on this one:

"Warmed floors of natural stone and quartersawn walnut will coddle your feet in wintertime...A gently terraced staircase leads to a combination kitchen and dining room that opens to a heated patio. Dishware displayed in the Scavolini cabinetry becomes an aesthetic statement against the understated Bauhaus design. Ascend to a large living room infused with natural light from clerestory windows at the top of the 18’ boxed cathedral ceiling. The flow of the home is effortless and dynamic, unified by coordinated elements of the finishes like the green glass accents throughout, and the warm dark wood... "
Former critic turned agent? Maybe so.
· $1350000 Penthouse units starting at $1,350,000 [Craigslist]
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