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Newsom & Co. Spot Homeless on Sunnydale Tour

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Our good mayor treated his staff to a poverty spotting expedition through Sunnydale at yesterday's weekly Monday meeting; about 50 staffers were piled onto a MUNI bus headed for the public housing development in Vistacion Valley. Newsom did the same at the beginning of his first term in office, though with Hunters View as the destination then; as the Chron notes, conditions in both nabes haven't exactly improved since then. Though Gavin has promised to "turn it up a notch" this round, his tour was described as a mainly informative one— a soapbox for him to stand on, ranting and raving on homelessness rather than making specific decrees. However, Newsom express one notable idea, proposing that public housing be treated more like "supportive housing" for people struggling with homelessness and drug use. 'Cause you know, all poor people are addicts, right? Brace for the backlash on that one, City Hall.
· Newsom tours Sunnydale with department heads [SF Gate]

[Image courtesy Sam Spade's San Francisco]