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Design Challenge or Death Wish?: 1262 Gilman Avenue

1262 Gilman Avenue just came on the market about 30 seconds ago, and in reading the listing and peering deeply into its (ass ugly) interior, the right side of our brain couldn't help but wonder if we had a "project" in our midst. No doubt, 1262 Gilman is problematic: exposed exterior electrical wiring, cracks in the dining room ceiling, some floor damage, and a possible mold/ dry rot marriage on the exterior stairs are disclosed ailments. Yet Bayview is about to undergo dramatic change— we're thinking about the future here, people. And at 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (including an inlaw unit with its own kitchen) and 2,500 square feet— at $695,000 or $278 per square foot— could 1262 Gilman be some handman's lucky fetch? Or are we looking at a zoning/ contracting/ relationship-killing nightmare here? And so we ask ...