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Snapped SF: Anywhere But In Between

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Snapped SF is a collaborative photo essay of sorts— we love to see the city through your eyes, and in turn show it to our readers. Submit your snaps to us directly or, better yet, join the Curbed SF Flickr group.

We always find it entertaining to read along as Curbed NYC commenters dismiss SF, and Curbed SF readers snub them back. Nowhere else do denizens seem to associate geograpy with personal identity than either city, we frequently note. Each finds itself superior to the other, often in an absurdly narrow-minded (and intensely ironic) sort of way. As for the space in between, says Curbed SF Flickr group member (and fellow Photoshop fanatic) Dead Slow, "meh." [Ed. note: Photog Plug 1 has pointed out that it is feasible that the above photograph was taken from Bklyn St. in the NB. But those edges on the sign? Meh. Update: Confirmed; on Brooklyn Place we stand.]