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Public Throw Down in Berkeley, Protesters on Standby

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We should've known better than to think Berkeleyites would've lost their momentum by now ... In response to the last several weeks' worth of public tantrum-throwing over Berkeley's attempted ousting of the Marine recruiting station on Shattuck Avenue, tomorrow's City Council meeting should provide a hell of a spectacle as locals take to the floor.. But get this:

What's gone quietly unmentioned thus far is, though the infamous "uninvited and unwelcome" missive will be rescinded, the other tertiary agenda items— such as those calling for residents to raise a ruckus at any recruiting station in town— will remain intact. An to answer the burning question, yes, the Code Pinkers will keep their parking spot. Residents, tie on your bandannas: protests are planned all over town. On a separate-buty-related note, campus tree sitters have reportedly issued a statement condemning Code Pink for hogging their limelight.
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