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If A Protest Falls in FiDi With No One to Hear It ...

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SFist Brock caught yesterday's protest against Scientology outside of the cult group's H.Q. This was no slap-dash get together— similar demonstrations were held in other cities across the States, too. Hilarity reigned, says the report. Sightings included a tour guide pumping up breathless tourists with claims that John Travolta was squirreled away inside, and the usual bevy of bored-looking coppers planted in front of the building. Good times, good times, and yet we can't help but note the bitter irony of it all, for while we're unsure what weekend traffic looks like outside of Scientology Land in Austin or L.A., if ever there were a dead day on that end of FiDi, Sunday is it.
· Sunday's Scientology Protest [SFist]

UPDATE—So apparently these demos were quite the place to be; check out Laughing Squid's chronology of the events, with comprehensive linkage.