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One Rincon Hill Gets Magical, Weather-Predicting Crown

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The One Rincon Tower's joining the crown craze and upping the ante a bit: tonight, the building's crown will begin forecasting the weather with various colors. And to help us remember what each color means, the clever developers have composed a grade-school poem:

Glowing red, warmer weather ahead
Shining blue, colder weather in view
Going green, rain foreseen

Amber light, no change in sight. There you have it, folks. A cute idea for the handful of people who live within sightline of the tower's crown— and a cute idea for everyone else in the city who may never see it but may nonetheless enjoy the thought. (Actually, according to the Chron, the crown will be most visible from the East Bay.) If you're concerned: the 25 LED floodlights that form the crown are said to "burn very little energy."
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One Rincon Hill

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