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Considering CAMP: Reconsidered

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Still don't like Don Fisher's newly-reduced CAMP proposal? How about fourteen 100' tall steel towers? Or an enormous gallery below the parade ground? Or maybe a series of dispersed galleries integrated into the fabric of the Presidio? CAMP:Reconsidered is a new exhibition designed not to propose alternatives or "better" ideas, but to provoke discussion among local architects and anyone else interested in considering new ways to think about building in the Presidio. Organized by 3A Gallery, ten local architecture firms, including Mark Horton / Architecture, Envelope A+D, Leddy Maytum Stacy and CMG, were given two weeks to design and render a scheme that proposes an alternate methods and strategies for thinking about a 100,000 sq ft museum in a different way. The results are as varied as they are compelling. A panel discussion to discuss the proposals and the future of CAMP will be held at 3A Gallery at 7pm this Thursday.

A brief full disclosure note here: Curbed SF Contributing Editor Jimmy Stamp participated in designing one of the exhibition's proposals.

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