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SoMa Noobs Wrinkle Noses at Neighbors

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Ah, it's the oldest story in the book, one that's probably going to play out several times over as SoMa builds up: blue-collar families settle in cheap, gritty neighborhood. Developers notice room to build, bring luxury condos. "New young home buyers" (read: gentrification squad) notice hip new spot, move in. Gentro squad is shocked by unruly character of their new homes. C.W. Nevius' spotlight on 6th and Harrison focuses on the SoMa Rec Center and United Playaz, an organization for at-risk youth. As youngsters are wont to do, they hang out at the center; and as non-youngsters are wont to do, they get intimidated by the youth hanging out, smoking and swearing, as it were. So where do the neighbors meet in the middle? One young homeowner would like the rec center to be "part of the neighborhood," while United Playaz founder Rudy Corpuz Jr. says some people just don't want them around. Is it too soon to see a meeting of the minds in a latte shop somewhere nearby?
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