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Muni's Too Poor for the CAMP Party

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Not a good day for the MTA. Don Fisher's museum might end up getting moved, but it'll probably still be in the Presidio, which means it would cost Muni $3.5 million a year to move 20 percent of visitors to gawk at the art collection, and up to $8.8 million to move 50 percent. And that's on top of the $7.2 million they'll need to buy new buses to serve the far-flung national park. Good thing, according to Muni big head Nat Ford, "we're hypersensitive to the economy." In fact, the chronically hated-on transpo agency's headed for a $39 million deficit for the current fiscal year, with a $50 million deficit for the following year. There's little for Muni to do besides, at the moment, "stem the tide" while the U.S. economy circles the drain (or maybe hope for a congestion tax). CAMP haters will be smelling blood, if one recent Presidio meeting was any indication— one speaker asked indignantly, "How many of you had to drive here tonight?" Drive? Someone, end the madness.
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