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So Much For That: Muni Overhaul Plan Frozen

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Ashbury Heights residents, rejoice! The #6 may have a stay of execution -- at least for now. For despite the supposed golden touch of new MTA head Nathaniel Ford, there's a new victim of the economic collapse cityside. That's right, Muni's overhaul plan will have to be put on the backburner in the hard times -- though not in so many pessimistic words. Amidst vast state and city budget cuts, the agency has enacted a hiring freeze, which essentialy nixes all the benefits of the plan, plus puts current Muni service in jeopardy. "We're trying to do everything to minimize the impact on service," said an agency spokesman named Judson True. Seriously. It's so bad they've trotted out "True" to reassure us.
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