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Consolation Prize: A Baby Trike-Sharing Program

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Say the words "bike" and "share" together and world-class programs like Paris's Velib come to mind. Gavin probably wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea, though, even as he promotes North Beach-based Bike and Roll's $50 a month bike-sharing program. For one thing, as the city's own Bike Plan remains on hold -- though who knows for how long -- nothing bike-related from the city will see the light of day. For another, a subscription of 50 bucks a month hardly amounts to the kind of freewheeling pay-as-you-go-ness that's flooded Paris's streets with inconvenient on-the-whim bikers— a model that our ambitious mayor's been oh so eager to emulate. Factor in Bike and Roll's "adult" tricycles and, well, this doesn't really look like the future Gavin envisioned.
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