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PriceChopper: A Snip for Second-Priciest SF Home

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Then: $55,000,000
Now: $48,000,000
You Save: $7,000,000
Details: If you ever wanted to live in a museum, now's your chance -- if the financial collapse hasn't cleaned you out yet. The big beautiful Italian Renaissance mansion at 2901 Broadway Street is on the market with a price these days, and a cheaper one at that. It seems the zaftig place has filled out over the last couple years, with a serious interior overhaul ito improve the bathroom linoleum and orange counter tops readers warned against back in 2006. It is now a 7 bedroom 7.5 bathroom "grand," "elegant," "graceful" home, for the oh-so-lowered price of which you could instead afford at least 24 other homes that would likely be described just the same. Really we just can't believe this place only has two fireplaces. A travesty.
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