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Sunday Streets: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

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Brace, ever-nervous merchants— San Francisco's Colombian import, Sunday Streets, was such a hit (at least with the mayor's office), that Gavin wants to take the program on tour. The two Embarcadero closures in August and September brought out walkers, bikers, hula hoopers, and Thriller zombies en masse to the six-mile stretch of closed road between the Bayview and Chinatown. At the time, Fisherman's Wharf businesses got a bit agitated at the thought of losing all that business from the disappeared vehicular traffic. Whether that really happened seemed to be the subject of some debate last we checked, but no matter! Soon, in conjunction with Walk San Francisco and the SF Bike Coalition, the city may hold six more Sunday Streets events between April and September of next year— possible locations including the Mission and the Great Highway. At least there's little risk of killing business along the latter.
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Great Highway

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