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Congestion Pricing: It Won't Help Traffic, But Who Really Cares?

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Will charging drivers $6 round-trip really make a dent in traffic (and not just the city's debt)? Really? The mayor and anti-driving advocates may be clamoring for congestion pricing, but perhaps they shouldn't be so quick to give the plan the okay. At least, this is Nevius' logic over at the Chron this week. He points to crowded Muni, crowded BART and crowded Caltrain and asks the burning question: how the hell else are people supposed to get to work? And hey, wait, all these agencies are losing funding? Of course, Nevius' logic will only appeal to those looking to alleviate the city's gridlock, and not its fiscal crisis. And with gas prices falling, drivers may actually be willing to cough up the cash to remain in the comfort of their own vehicles and not have to share a handrail with another cheapskate. Presuming the Department of Transportation keeps good on their promise of some millions to the first U.S. city to try congestion pricing, maybe the SFMTA could channel some of that cash into actually making our public transport work for those who choose not to drive, bike, walk or scoot their way around at rush hours. You know, maybe.
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