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Curbed Presents Best Neighborhood

Welcome to the 2008 Curbed SF Awards, wherein we celebrate, honor and reminisce about the best and worst of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate and streetside developments these past twelve months.

This is the big one, folks. Every San Francisco neighborhood saw some action this year, but here we're counting down the top "nabes" (yeah, we said that) who saw the most: the, good, the bad, the construction, the development, the public arts, the controversies and the questionable legislation. Behold.

3. North Beach. The flying books, the anti-alcohol legislation, Dirk Dirksen alley and CCSF (okay, sure, that's Chinatown, but still) made all sorts of waves up here.
2. SoMA. Between Transbay, 555 and 535 Mission, Cubix -- SoMA was the center of the city's high-rising development (or, well, lack thereof). Depending on the credit crunch, of course, though, that could all change in 2009. Stay strong, SoMAs.
1. the Tenderloin. A historic preservation rating, the Justice Center, the Hibernia Bank sale, a prime-time showcase on Fox's Secret Millionaire, and then Adam's window camera to end the year in Big Brother style. There was no doubt eyes were on the Loin this year. (Yes, the gentrification blood is in the water.)