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Curbed Awards Presents Best Development, Commercial

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Welcome to the 2008 Curbed SF Awards, wherein we celebrate, honor and reminisce about the best and worst of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate and streetside developments these past twelve months. Look for updates now until New Year's -- we'll be sprinkling these bad boys out like cinnamon in your hot toddy.

Okay, so we're using the term "best" loosely here. But the Transbay was kind of our favorite drama of the year. Sure, Don Fisher's pomo stabs at CAMP made quite the waves as well, but the Transbay Terminal is poised not only to grab headlines (and, shadows and uh, millions of dollars) this year, but for the next decade or so, too. Built on a $245 million piece of land -- the most expensive in city history -- Transbay will be home to the tallest building on the West Coast and the "Grand Central" of San Francisco. And with the ground broken on the project just a couple short weeks ago, it appears they at least have the funding to continue for now...