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Just About A Done Deal: Central Subway Gets Fed Love

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Nevermind sinking the Powell Street station into Hades or charges of inflated ridership estimates: SFMTA announced yesterday that the feds have given the Central Subway its final environmental clearance. To wit, haters: the shoe has dropped. OK, the Board of Supes still has to give their stamp to the whole thing, but given that they'd previously certified the EIR by a unanimous vote— geez, how many times does this thing need to be told it's loved?— that's likely no huge hurdle. Also cleared: $147 million for construction management of the project, going to the creatively named Central Subways Partners. Assuming all goes according to plan, the $1.3 billion light rail will connect the T-Third line from SoMa to Chinatown, with underground stations at Moscone Center, Union Square, and Chinatown, and a surface station at Fourth and Brannan. Starting date: 2010. ETA: 2016. Just in time for high-speed train passengers to alight in San Francisco and make a beeline for Chinatown, surely.
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