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Room for Roommate War in the Financial District

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We know location is an important thing in real estate —according to some, the three most important things—but the listing for the luxury condo at 733 Front St. makes it seem like its the only thing. Unit #604 is described by only a single floor plan and the words "high-end finishes and designer touches." Sounds great, right? Wouldn't it be nice to see what it looked like? Instead, we get another 20 photos of the surrounding Financial District and what might be the building's facilities. Looking at the bilaterally symmetrical plan though, the two bedroom unit is perfectly designed for feuding roommates or a break-up-bound couple that have decided to split the apartment down the middle. For $1,595,000, each get their own bedroom and even their own balcony, though it looks like one will have to pay a toll to use the entrance while the other pays to use the stove. So it all works out, really.
· 733 Front St #604 [MLS]