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NIMBY Watch: AT&T To Install Sidewalk Eyesores

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The good: AT&T is bringing fiber-optic-powered cable, internet and phone services to our fair city. The bad: that means more cable boxes hunkered into sidewalks around said city. The ugly: those street-side cabinets. State law prevents local city governments from prohibiting the installation of the boxes, which stand 5'5" tall and 26" deep and provide a perfect clean canvas for tagging. AT&T will not release maps of the current or future box locations, but they are notifying all residents within 300 feet of a planned cabinet project. If you've received one of those trusty glossy mailers like the nabe-preservers in Duboce, read the fine print and let us know so we might extrapolate and render this future sidewalk skyline.
· AT&T Boxes Coming to a Sidewalk Near You [Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association]