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Curbed Awards Presents Best Building (That Was Actually Built)

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Welcome to the 2008 Curbed SF Awards, wherein we celebrate, honor and reminisce about the best and worst of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate and streetside developments these past twelve months. Look for updates now until New Year's -- we'll be sprinkling these bad boys out like cinnamon in your hot toddy.

The city's first new office tower in five years was completed this fall to more cheers than jeers. Yes, it seems you actually approve of all the glass at 555 Mission! But the shiny tower made headlines -- and this award -- for more than just its windows: in a year full of construction misery, 555 was one of the few projects completed at all, let alone completed on time. Yes, on time. Kudos also to the big-name public arts in its plaza. Those creepy Rondinone sculptures really put 555 a head (har) of the rest. That golden crown is well-deserved. Now let's just hope they can lease all that square footage...
·555 Mission: Done [Curbed SF]