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Curbed Awards Presents The Most Hideous

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Huzzah! It's that time of year again, which means it's that time of blog again: time for some requisite "best of the year" wrap-ups. Welcome to the 2008 Curbed SF Awards, wherein we celebrate, honor and reminisce about the best and worst of San Francisco neighborhood, real estate and streetside developments these past twelve months. Look for updates now until New Year's -- we'll be sprinkling these bad boys out like cinnamon in your hot toddy.

You might remember little 339 Crescent Avenue as the tinderbox waiting to happen. Normally we award the "Hideous" badge to those with the most dreadful interiors, but 339 Crescent was just too spectacularly awful to pass over. The 750-square-foot "contractor's special" was made even more special (though less contractor-friendly) after its chunk of Bernal Heights was declared a "protection area" -- making it that much harder to obtain the bevy of permits necessary to shore up this wonder of modern construction. Actually, we wonder: after all the weather we've been getting lately, is the little one still standing? Bernal operatives, care to comment?
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