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PriceChopper: A Nice Cut in West Portal

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Then: $1,475,000
Now: $1,399,000
You Save: $76,000
Details: Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, fret not, because there are still deals to be had — real estate deals, to be specific. Take, for instance, 1570 Portola Dr., a four bedroom, 2,837 sq ft home listed for $1,475,000 as recently as October. Waaayy back in June, however, 1570 sold for a mere $975,000 — a quick flip for someone. Unfortunately, the market had other plans, and the home is now inching its way back down the pay scale. Positives: Open plan, wet bar, 2+ car parking, weird media-iPod-clock-timer device in kitchen. Negatives: Is this some extreme photography or is the fireplace really that big?
· 1570 Portola Dr. [MLS]