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Good News, Cyclists: Bike Plan is On the Horizon

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Dennis Herrera may be acting fast, but the Planning Department is finally -- finally -- acting at all. Just in time for the Thanksgiving weekend, they, along with the SFMTA, released their 1,353-page environmental impact report on the city's bike plan that's been on hold per a judge's order for two years. For more than $1 million, we've learned a valuable lesson. Are you sitting down for this one? Here we go: biking is good for the environment. More tax dollars well spent! Maybe they left a little to actually implement the plan's proposals? Like 34 miles of new bike lanes in the city? A public hearing on the report is scheduled for January 8, with a public comment period through January 13. Rob Anderson, the man responsible for the lawsuit that started all this, will surely be in attendance to continue his one-man crusade against that frivolous, outdated mode of transport all the kids are into these days.
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