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Rental Watch: Lofty Edition

What: One-bedroom loft
Where: South Beach
How much: $2500
The Hard Sell: This single-level loft touts its "enclosed bedroom" (with carpet!), private patio and "stunning window architecture." You do get 850 square feet, plus those trademark high ceilings, but that doesn't appear to help so much with the natural lighting situation. Be prepared for some daytime fluorescents.

What: One-bedroom loft
Where: Outer Mission/Media Gulch/No-Man's Land
How much: $3500
The Hard Sell: A lot of space (1,577 square feet) and a lot of luxury (maple cabinets, jacuzzi tub, custom built-ins) but this is still "real loft living": concrete floors, "industrial" windows and "exposed piping" Bonus: atrocious purple kitchen. Because artists make sacrifices.

What: Three-bedroom loft
Where: Potrero Hill
How much: $3895
The Hard Sell: Three levels, 2.5 baths, balcony, fireplace and "spacious, spacious, spacious." Just ignore the hall-like rooms and the big cracks in the "glazed" (!) concrete floor (so authentic!) and you'll be feeling the muse in no time. Laundry and parking available for the less artsy types.