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Condo for Olds Gets Flack for Selling to Youngs

It's no secret the condo sector isn't doing so hot as of late. But have sales been cold enough to forgo the law? Well, uh, yes -- at least in the case of 1314 Polk Street. The Frank Norris Place complex was supposed to be senior housing, but as sales cooled, the building decided, hey, why not just sell to anyone willing to buy? Now the city is pissed and the youngs are suing. Enter youthful purchaser Paul Ratner. "We felt like we were making a good decision to buy, but we got hosed basically by greed." Poor guy has so much to learn about America -- the greed turns the circle, friend! [SF Business Times]

Frank Norris Place

81 Frank Norris Street, San Francisco, CA 94109