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Christmas Miracle: Another Pothole Filled

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Oh, right, there's still a little building going on in the city -- in the way of pothole-filling. They're perhaps the most mundane of city problems, but they also stand to be the most annoying -- and injurious -- to cyclists especially.The SF Bike Coalition targeted their 1,000th pothole of the year this week in their Good Roads campaign aimed at improving the infrastructure of our sorry city streets. The hole in question still stands on Mark Street between 4th and 5th, but hopefully not for long. So far this year, the Department of Public Works has filled 14,000 SF potholes, following 3,400 complaints to 311. The way the city budget looks right now, we're confident the SFBC will have no shortage of hole-spotting opportunities next year -- just hopefully with spraypaint and not their bike tires. They'll be taking on the pockmarked Tenderloin, Union Square and Financial District neighborhoods in January.
· S.F. Bicycle Coalition hits pothole No. 1,000 [SF Gate]
[image courtesy SFBC]