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"Ultimate Handyman Special": The Under-$100k Club

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No shocker here: the Bay Area, home to some of the most wallet-shocking real estate in California, now has a flood of sub-$100k homes. Yes, foreclosures have wreaked havoc on families everywhere, but one homeowner's tragedy is apparently another's ticket to the mildewy, broken-windowed big time. Check out the foreclosure capitals of Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties for the over 600 sub-$100k listings in the Bay Area, all generally two-bedroom standalone houses. Houses that, at this point, could probably pass for shacks under the freeway -- but at 2 percent commission, houses that nonetheless really have to move. Plus, they're bigger than your average Cubix condo. Just don't hurt yourself looking for one in San Francisco— we've got a ways to go down yet.
· Bay Area sees deals on homes for under $100,000 [SF Gate]