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Supes Give a Last Ditch Lame-Duck Effort

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Apparently outgoing supervisors Aaron Peskin Jake McGoldrick and Gerardo Sandoval shall not go quietly into the night: the trio are planning "to try to cross the finish line sprinting". (By the by, we hope the new supes look as good in Speedos as Pesky does.) That means last-minute pushes on several pieces of nabe-relevant legislation including levying a litter tax on fast-food restos and convenience stores to help pay for local clean-up, plus the renaming of several streets, including Chelsea Place, to become Timothy Pflueger Place in honor of the architect, and Merchant Street, which will be changed to Harold 'Bud' Moose Lane in honor of the developer. But alas, that chain-store ban for the Mission will be saved for the next board.
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