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Recycling for Real: Do It Or Pay the Price

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You thought he was all talk, but The Mayor Newsom is calling the bluff: he's introduced legislation to the Board of Supervisors that would make it mandatory to sort trash, recyclables and compostables into their proper black, blue and green bins. Single family homes and small apartment buildings would be subject to $100 fines for non-compliance, but only after repeat offenses. Larger apartment buildings and commercial businesses -- many of which don't even bother with the green compost cans -- could get hit with fines up to $1,000, but not until mid-2011. Guess all those fines will pay for the necessary compost inspectors? The Chinese Chamber of Commerce says the law would actually hurt tourism, as the bins are an eyesore. No indication as to where the garbage in Chinatown may be going right now then...
· Refuse to sort, refuse and you lose [SF Examiner]