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Rental Watch: The 2k Price Point

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Every once in a while, Curbed SF checks in with the San Francisco rental market. And we do it the layman's way: by scouring Craigslist. For today's episode, we stuck to a strict budget of $2,000. From the wine fridges to the detached homes, dear readers, it all comes down to location location location.

What: Studio apartment
Where: Marina, Alhambra Street between Majorca and Pierce
How Much: $2,000.00
The Hard Sell: "The studio had undergone a 3 month refurbishment that included the following: new paint, refinished hardwood floors, refinished windows and new mini blinds, remodeled kitchen with galaxy black granite counter tops, new white cabinets, stainless steel refrigerator w/ice maker, stainless steel gas stove w/over the stove stainless steel microwave, stainless steel dishwasher, and garbage disposal. New 30 bottle stainless steel wine refrigerator." No square footage, so no telling on whether there will be room for a bed or not."

What:1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment
Where: Noe Valley, 39 Fair Oaks at 21st Street
How Much: $2,000.00
The Hard Sell: Fully remodeled, from the hardwood floors to the marble countertops in the combo kitchen/living/dining room to the "tall ceiling height." Parking for one. Bonus: "nice sense of entry in the hallway." Right...

What: 2 bedroom, 2 bath single family home
Where: Sunset, 34th Avenue at Judah
How Much: $2,000.00
The Hard Sell: These landlords are all business amid the foggy Sunset. Garden, patio, washer/dryer, two-car-garage, "big space" and (oh, yay) "newly clean." Done and done.