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Approved, Sort Of: Lennar's Lukewarm Bayview Plan

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The freakish love/hate relationship between San Francisco and Lennar continues: after Lennar seemed to get cold feet over their massive redevelopment of Bayview/Hunters Point, the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission approved the draft plan yesterday for said project. Maybe they're trying to show Lennar just how gung ho we can be. After all, we did kind of force them to spend millions on a campaign to shoot down affordable housing Prop F. Lucky for them, Prop F failed— unlucky for them, the global economy has in the meantime gone to shit. Still! Let's just assume that everything will somehow eventually go as planned. The final plan will go to the Board of Supes around this time next year, and will include a football stadium ("an irresistible package for the 49ers") and up to 10,000 homes. If supe support is any indication of the project's potential non-failure success, Lennar should be heartened: they voted 10 to 1 in favor -- with Chris Daly against, natch.
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