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North Beach's Flying Books Are Finally Flapping

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The glowing books are airborne! We know, we know: Something got done without controversy or (significant) delay in San Francisco? And in North Beach, of all places? Yes, in fact. On Sunday, Aaron Peskin proudly proclaimed: "We did something that happens very rarely in America. We gave up parking and sidewalk. If that's not art, I don't know what is." We're not sure that's exactly what defines art, Pesky, but okay— the flying solar-powered books are actually pretty cool. Below the books are quotes from local authors spanning the last 150 years, in Italian, English, and Chinese, etched into the pavement. And what's more, the flying books were introduced to the city by "two nearly naked nymph wielding long hooks," according to the Chron. Uh, why weren't we there again?
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