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Mosaica 601: For "Invisible Homeless" and Other Poors

Living in garages or crammed into rent-controlled apartments, the city calls them "the invisible homeless." We call them "really poor." But the Mayor's Office of Housing is now taking a drop out of that poor bucket by providing some brand-new Mission condos for very low-income city residents. Set to open in January, mixed-use Mosaica 601 is made up of 100 two and three-bedroom condos, with 20 offered at below-market rates, priced between $180,000 and $350,000. Originally set to be divided among low income, median income and "moderate" income households, now an additional 12 units will also be made available to some of those "invisible" homeless, i.e. the working poor. Perhaps it's fitting that some of the only construction going full-force ahead in the city right now is for affordable housing -- those other, market-rate 3-bedroom units at Mosaica will be topping out in the low $600s. Priced to move.

Update: The units earmarked for "invisible homeless" will actually be at a lesser separate rental space next door.
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