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Fun With Culture Wars: O'Reilly Back for More

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The Supreme Court just handed down a big blow to the state's medical marijuana industry, but -- shocker -- SF-hater Bill O'Reilly must not read the news. His latest attack on our fair city is targeted at just such "city-wide and irreversible" weedy business practices. He reiterates the feds' bad facts, then goes even further. "The pot stores are scattered all over town causing major problems as users gather in the neighborhoods, some of them selling the pot to kids so they can buy harder drugs with the money they make," says the venerable O'Reilly. Also: The courts are on the side of the "secular progressives" and the Board of Supervisors won't put a stop to this nonsense because "they're all high so they don't care!" These are dark times, folks, and we'll take a bit of humor anywhere we can.
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