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Does One Man Spell Hope for Muni?

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Nathaniel Ford: now you know who to address your angry letters to detailing the filth on the buses, crappy service and threats of fare increases. But Nathaniel Ford is quick to tout his successes. Two years into his tenure as top exec with the city MTA, Ford has a plan to get Muni "back on track," gleaning tips from his years in oh-so-gritty '80s New York (exotic!) and less-gritty '90s Atlanta (...Southern!). With recent state and city budget cuts, Muni has some serious ground to make up, which Ford plans to do in part with increased advertising. He also plans a complete overhaul of the route system to "slash wait times and relieve congestion." "We have a ridership that deserves better and have been promised better over the years." Ford's right. Let's just hope he doesn't screw it up, too.
· Nathaniel Ford is putting Muni back on track [SF Examiner]