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San Francisco Can't Party Like Big Kids? Yes We Can!

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Well, it seems some people had the right idea after all— with a little spit and polish, the Civic Center can be every bit the Obama mosh pit the city needs. At least that's what concert organizer NextArts bet on last spring when they booked the area for a big inaugural bash. They obviously didn't get the memo on San Francisco not having a proper space to gather. Of course, NextArts' foresight begs the question— What would they have done (on the off-off chance) if McCain had won? Anyway, the party starts at 7 in the morning (good luck getting any work done Jan. 20, civic workers), and it'll come complete with jumbo video screen to simulcast our new president taking the reins. Entry price: a pair of socks or underwear, tags still attached, to be donated to homeless groups. Way easier than bribing your congressman -- or building a whole new gathering place, for that matter.
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