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An Airy Bouquet in the Flower Market Lofts

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This three-level SOMA loft is located at 590 6th St. — perhaps better known as the Flower Market Lofts. Last sold in 2002 for $535,000, the 1,705 sq ft loft can now be yours for $799,000. And when 6th St. becomes the new Valencia, you can say you lived on it when — of course, it's all about bragging rights, really. Bonus perk: among the three bedrooms hides a Murphy Bed! When's the last time you saw a Murphy Bed? (Just be careful when you stumble in at One A.M.) And if you love the building but hate the price, neighboring unit #201 is also available -- for $50,000 less.
· 590 6th ST. #202
· 590 6th ST. #201